Governor Skills Audit

Amended – September 2017

An audit is a useful way of assessing the skills, knowledge and experience of your governing body.

Governing bodies should use the results of the skills audit to help them identify any skills and knowledge they still need to deliver their functions – particularly their core functions – effectively. The governing body is a team, and the purpose of this skills audit is to ensure that each of the skills below is covered by at least one of the governors.

If there are any gaps, these can potentially be filled when recruiting new governors or training existing governors. The intention is to enable all members of the governing body to set out their skills and experience, which may be from either their professional or personal lives.

The skills and knowledge sought are those which enable governors to ask the right questions, analyse data and have focused discussions which create robust accountability for school leaders.

Any ‘gaps’ are highlighted and future training programmes and recruitment aligned to governing body and individual governor requirements.

Published: 11/07/2016