Governor Guide on the election and appointment of governors

Many LAs, Diocesan Authorities and Community Councils will have their own procedures in place for the election and appointment of governors. Please contact your LA and / or Diocesan Authority for further advice.

This governor guide provides some generic guidelines only.

The Local Authority (LA) is responsible for the election process for parent, teacher and staff governors in:

  • community schools;
  • community special schools;
  • maintained nursery schools; and
  • voluntary controlled schools.

For voluntary aided and foundation schools, the governing body is responsible for the election process, unless the governing body agrees to delegate responsibility to the Local Authority.

The guide includes procedures for the:

  • Election of parent governors
  • Appointment of parent governors
  • Election of teacher governors
  • Election of staff governors
  • Appointment of Local Authority governors
  • Appointment of community governors
  • Appointment of additional community governors
  • Appointment of foundation governors
  • Appointment of associate pupil governors
  • Election of chair and vice-chair

There are also model letters and ballot forms also.

Published: 17/06/2016