Governor Guide to Collaboration


Collaboration can be defined as a process where two or more persons or organisations work together towards a common goal or goals. The collective shares its knowledge, experience, skills and resources in a combined effort to reach identical objectives.

Collaboration occurs when common objectives for those involved are agreed and joint committees or groups, representing the interests of all parties, are delegated powers to make key decisions. Collaboration may take different forms to meet the requirements of those involved, but there are a number of common factors which ensure collaboration is successful:

  • A shared sense of purpose;
  • Shared values and ethos;
  • Equality of status of the participants;
  • Proximity of participants – ease and access to each other and resources;
  • Opportunities for staff and leaders to develop their expertise;
  • Opportunities for staff involved to have access to CPD; and (from a school perspective)
  • Enhanced outcomes for learners.

Published: 19/04/2012


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