Qualifications Wales wants to hear from stakeholders

Qualifications Wales, the regulator of non-degree qualifications and the qualifications system in Wales, is inviting stakeholders, centres, learners, and others to take part in a survey on their proposed future regulatory outcomes and the mapping of the Conditions. These are used to guide the work of awarding bodies that offer qualifications in Wales. This work helps ensure that the work of Qualifications Wales and awarding bodies focus on the needs of learners and the qualification system in Wales.

In February 2016, Qualifications Wales launched the Regulatory Strategy project to identify whether their current regulatory strategy is effective and appropriate, or whether they should apply an alternative method. Following feedback and external research, they decided to publish regulatory outcomes to guide regulation and frame their broader regulatory approach. These outcomes are statements that show what they intend to achieve as a regulator, and how these fit into the qualifications system in Wales.

They would like to hear your views on the proposed wording for the outcomes and the mapping of the existing Conditions to those outcomes. You may find that you’re unable to answer all the questions in the survey, but would like to comment on the wording of the outcomes. If this is the case, please email

For more information, visit the Qualifications Wales website