The New Term

With the end of September not far away, the new school term is in full steam ahead already on its autumn journey. Staff, governors and pupils have their new goals and expectations in place. The school vision and development plan are revisited and refreshed – where are we going? How do we get to where we want to be? What do we need to do? How do we monitor and evaluate success criteria? How can we improve on what we are already doing well? All of these questions and many more are key to helping us to achieve the very best for our children.

It all sounds very easy and straightforward – if only! Schools are made up of many complex facets – Targets are one thing but as we all know children are not cans of beans and each and every one will have their own individual needs and learning styles, as will the staff and governing body!

An effective school and governing body will, despite the current demanding financial constraints, have reviewed its own practices and strategies extensively over a period of time, not just a one off exercise. Effective self-evaluation and monitoring will be embedded into the everyday life of the school with staff, pupils and governors taking part at all levels. As individuals, whatever path we tread in life we need to look at how we can do things better and differently and most importantly learn from one another. This, in essence, is an extension of what we do in schools.

Thanks to those of you who have already subscribed to Governors Cymru Services and your lovely feedback to date but if you haven’t why not have a look at our services to give you a flavor of the useful information we provide on all sorts of governance themes. Click here for a full list our resources also

The self-evaluation template is just on one the key documents that will stand you in good stead for picking up on some of those key questions we all need to ask from time to time.

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