IDL – Indirect Dyslexia Learning

IDL is a unique, specialist dyslexia intervention software, which is highly effective at improving reading and spelling. It has been specifically designed to help pupils with dyslexia/dyslexic tendencies, but many schools use it to improve the literacy skills of those with Meares-Irlen syndrome, with pupils who are struggling with literacy in general, and with EAL learners, which may be of particular interest to you if you are a Welsh medium school, where pupils start to learn English at the age of seven. Currently, over 40,000 pupils use IDL in around 900 schools, with many using their Pupil Deprivation Grant to fund its purchase in Wales and Pupil Premium in England!

Reasons to use IDL

Simple and effective
IDL has been simply designed to make it easy for pupils and teachers to use. Pupils will be able to work independently or with minimum supervision, whilst teachers will be able to track and monitor progress effortlessly. As IDL is so easy for pupils to use, it allows them to work more independently than in a conventional one to one session.

Brilliant results
IDL focuses more on ability than age and uses well-researched techniques to improve literacy skills. After just 26 hours of using IDL, research shows that a pupil’s reading and spelling age can increase on average by around 11 months.

Structured and sequential
IDL is a multi-sensory programme, using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods. The programme contains over 1000 structured, sequential lessons and once a pupil has completed 70 lessons, the programme automatically begins to use 80% repetition and 20% new learning, providing the opportunity to consolidate and over-learn, aiding processing and retention.

Independent learning
IDL encourages pupils to work independently. The programme generates an individual starting point based on the results of a straight forward reading and spelling assessment. As the system is so easy to use, pupils begin to see they are making progress very quickly, which improves their confidence, motivates them to learn and positively impacts on other areas of their school life.

Distraction free
Bright, colourful imagery can be fun and engaging, but this can often be a visual distraction for pupils with dyslexia and dyslexic-type difficulties. IDL has been purposefully designed to enable pupils to solely focus on letters and words as they appear on a plain, image free screen.

Use it anywhere
Learners in primary, secondary and further education can benefit from using IDL to improve their reading and spelling. IDL has been simply designed and its flexibility means it can be used as a stand-alone intervention or alongside others that can be accessed anywhere using a tablet or laptop. Progress is stored in the cloud, so lessons can be accessed in school or at home.

Value for money
IDL is very competitively priced. A licence costs just £399 + VAT for primary schools and £599 + VAT for secondary schools for an unlimited number of users. Then there is a renewal fee of just £100 + VAT per year for continued support and technical updates. Prices correct for academic year 2016/17.

If you’d like to find out more about IDL, please visit Here, you will find an-depth video explaining how IDL works, and how it can help you improve literacy skills in school. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to your area Interventions Advisor to request a demonstration of IDL, please contact:

  • Kayleigh Rosewell (South or Mid Wales) – 07880 192529 or
  • Jackie Holding (North Wales) – 07917 712004 or